Plan your family events

Ddays is a simple and free app that gathers everything you need to plan events with your family


How it works ?

Ddays is a simple and intuitive app for planning events with friends and family


Create your event

Enter a title, a location, a date
or suggest different choices to your friends and family


Share your invitation link

Ddays creates a private link that you can send via SMS, Mail, WhatsApp, Messenger...


Organize everything together

Tasks, shopping lists, expenses...
Share the whole organization in the app

No more never-ending conversations, Ddays makes your life easier


Designed for busy people, each feature helps you to save time and communicate what matters.

Create polls

With the polls, you can get the preferences of your friends and family in real-time.

Perfect for finding the best date or choosing the menu


Share todo lists

Create todo lists and assign tasks. Your friends and family can add tasks or choose which ones they can do.

Perfect for defining everyone's role and knowing what remains to do.


Make shopping lists

Create shopping lists and share them with the group. Your friends and family can add and mark what they will buy.
Moreover, you can enter the quantities and prices to have an overview of the totals.

Perfect to not forget anything and for establishing different grocery lists (ex: meal, drinks, desserts...)


Manage your budget

Define a budget and track everyone's contribution

Perfect for having transparency when buying a gift or renting a house together


Share your expenses

List all your expenses and let the app calculate who owes how much to whom

Perfect for managing group expenses on holiday or during a city trip.


Collaborate easily, use Ddays

They love us


"I've organised my best friend's birthday. We've saved a lot of time by using the polls in Ddays. It helped us with choosing the location and the gift"


"We used to use several apps like Whatsapp and Doodle make many calls to organise our events. With Ddays, everything is gathered in one place"


"Planning parties at my university was a child's play with Ddays. We could see exactly what needed to be done and when."

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Thousands of people use Ddays to organise their events


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