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Belleview mobile is interest group. Belleview asso is association incorporated and existing under the laws of France. Belleview mobile & Belleview asso (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “Service”) complies with the regulations on personal information protection of related legislation, which an information communication service provider must abide by, including Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, Personal Information Protection Act, Communication Privacy Protection Act, Telecommunications Business Act, and does its best to protect user rights by developing Privacy Policy based on the related legislation. Any addition, deletion or modification to current Privacy Policy will be notified through Notification on the Service page at least seven days prior to such revision taking effect or through other easily noticeable means. Also, if significant changes are made to user rights, including changes to collection and use of personal information and disclosure of the information to third parties, we will notify at least 30 days prior to the intended changes.

The following personal information is collected.

In order to process member registration (or service registration), convenient customer service, and various other services, the company collects necessary personal information on the first use of the service. Required information includes name, date of birth, email address and password, and device information. Your name, profile photo, date of birth, and email address will be collected when you sign up with or link your Google account; your name and profile photo will be collected when you sign up with or link your LINE account;. In addition, information selectively is collected to use the service’s specialized features, including profile photo, gender, names and email of individual friends who invite you as a member, specific Ddays event information, and your email or Google account information is required for convenient login when logged out. When using various individual services within Ddays, other personal information may be collected after user agreement, and cases that require collection of additional information are as follows. If collecting additional personal information after user agreement.

Personal Information is utilized for providing seamless service, member management, developing new service and service notice purposes.

Your personal information is utilized for identifying yourself in Ddays, connecting your Ddays account with a service that you have designated (email or Google), inviting friends, and providing contents or specific customized services. Furthermore, such personal information could be used for various marketing and advertisement activities. This includes, developing new services, providing customized services relating to the services already provided by the company, providing services and place advertisements based on statistical characteristics, confirming validity of the service, providing information on events and advertisements as well as opportunities to participate in these events, and identifying access frequency and statistics on member’s service usage.

Personal Information will only be used within the notified scope and shall not be disclosed to the third party without your prior consent.

Company uses your personal information within the indicated scope in regards to the purpose for collection and use of personal information. Name and profile picture are disclosed for the purpose of identifying each other while using the service. Also if you invite a friend to Ddays, your name and profile image will be exposed for the invitee to recognize you, your phone number will be exposed to the invitee since the invitation message gets delivered via SMS. Other than the above reason, personal information is not used or publicized without prior agreement, however the following instances are exceptions. First, the user has agreed in advance. Furthermore, your personal information is subject to be disclosed when demanded by the legislation of France , and when an investigative agency makes a request based on the process and method defined by the legislation, it shall be considered an exception.

The company entrusts personal information for service enhancement, and regulates necessary measures to ensure safe management of entrusted personal information.

The Company defines necessary measures when it comes to signing entrust contract in accordance with related legislation to ensure safe management of entrusted personal information. The consigning organizations and entrusted work are defined below.

Organization Details of consigned work Belleview mobile Customer consultation Belleview mobile Service operation Belleview asso Data preservation The entrusted organization Belleview Mobile and Belleview Asso, France Location of the trustee Belleview Asso and Belleview Mobile having its principal place of business at 1 bis Route des Bourgognes 60500 Chantilly. Date and method of entrustment March. 5, 2019, Remote transmission through the dedicated network Contact of person in charge of Information management Contact of person in charge of Information management Items of Personal information to be entrusted Entire Data including personal information that the service collects and preserves Details of Entrusted Business Data backup among nations to protect personal information safely from disaster Period of retention and use of personal information In accordance with the period prescribed in this Privacy policy
After fulfilling the purpose of collecting and using personal information, the information is destroyed without delay according to the following method.

Your personal information is destroyed without delay in case of account deletion or after the purpose of personal information collection and use is accomplished. Personal information that has already been used for the collection purpose is transferred to a separate DB (if on paper, a separate cabinet), then stored for a certain period then destroyed according to internal policies and other related laws for the purpose of information protection(refer to personal information storage and use period). At this time the relevant personal information is not used for any other purpose than storage unless required by law. Due to internal policies unauthorized use records are stored for 6 months after membership cancellation in order to prevent duplicate registration and use, , consumer complaints or disputes are stored for 1 years, and according to Protection of Communications Secrets Act website visitation records are stored for 3 months. In addition, if service is not used for 1 year, personal information is destroyed or stored and managed separately. When destroying collected information, personal information-written paper is disposed by shredding or incineration and personal information stored as a digital file is deleted through technical methods that prevent restoration or recovery.

You can view / modify your personal information at any time and request for deletion of your information.

You can view and modify your registered personal information at any time and if do not approve Company’s processing of personal information; you can also refuse to agree or request termination of account (withdrawal of membership). However, in those cases you may have limited or no access to the services. In order to view and modify your personal information while use, tab “Profile setting” and "Termination of Membership" to terminate your subscription (withdraw membership) and you may view, edit or withdraw membership. You can directly call, leave written notice or email personal information manager for immediate measures. Furthermore, for Ddays users under the age of 14, the legal guardian has the right to view or modify the child's personal information, and the right to withdraw the consent of collecting and using. If you had requested correction of errors in the personal information, the concerned information will not be available or disclosed until the correction is made. In addition, if the incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, immediate action will be taken to make corrections by notifying the third party of the updates. If you request for termination of account or deletion of personal information, the concerned information will be processed only as indicated in section regarding period of retention and use of personal information, and will not be viewed or used for any other purpose.

Cookie is utilized for the web service provision

The Company could uses cookies that save and frequently recall your information, in order to provide personalized and customized services. Cookies are very small text files sent to your browser by the website’s server, and are saved in your device. When you revisit the website, its server reads cookies saved in your device and uses them to maintain user configuration and provide customized service. Cookies help you when you access Ddays website by allowing you to access it comfortably as you had configured. We could utilize cookies to provide you with the optimized and customized information including advertisements based on the analysis of your patterns of visiting and using Ddays services and websites. Cookies do not automatically or actively collect personal identification information, therefore you can always refuse saving cookies or delete them. You can adjust options on your web browser to allow all cookies, confirm each time that a cookie may be stored, or disallow all cookies. However, if you reject all cookies, there may be limitations in using certain services, which require log-in.

We make technical and administrative measures to protect your personal information.

Company stores and manages your personal information in encrypted form, according to related legislation and internal policy for the purpose of safety acquisition that will prevent loss, theft, leak, falsification or damage of personal information while handling such information. Company does its best to prevent leakage or damage of the user’s personal information by hacking or computer viruses. Company also frequently makes back-up copies of the personal information in case of deterioration, prevents leakage or damage of the information by using the latest vaccine programs, and uses encrypted communication to facilitate safe transmission of personal information on the network. In addition, the Company controls external intrusion utilizing intrusion prevention system, and does its best to be equipped with all possible technological instruments to ensure system security. Also, the Company restricts handling of the information only to authorized employee who is issued with a separate password, which is periodically updated. The employee in charge of the personal information management is constantly reminded of the importance of adherence to the Company's privacy policy of through employee training conducted frequently so that in case of occurrence of any issue, the correction can be done in a swift manner. However, Company does not take any responsibility for problems related to leakage of personal information such as account information and password caused by user’s carelessness or internet connection Company takes great care and always strives to safely protect your personal information.

implementation : April 16th 2020